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Happy Valentine’s Day :)

so, i decided to come back to tumblr…finally :)  unfortunately, me and supernatural aren’t really vibing right now, so i created a whole new everything…feel free to come follow me over there, if you want to

disclaimers for my new URL (dis important)

larry has consumed everything in it’s path (me) like a goddamn tsunami and it was completely on accident…

i sob over merlin on a daily basis…not over it….sort of like ten/rose, but worse

if you’re ok with those things, awesome….if not, that’s awesome too 

i hope everyone is happy and well <3


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I saw this headline “Were remains in cabin…”


I really thought it meant were as in like…werewolf. 

I don’t know how my mind works sometimes.

One time I was watching music videos and the word “Airplanes” came on the screen and it made no sense to me because I was reading it in spanish. I don’t even fucking speak spanish. 

FYI air-plan-és is NOT a word.

drugs are bad mmkay?

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Sons of Anarchy.

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An archive blog? Has my Paula left tumblr? Or did I just miss something?

I just never have time for it boo :( And it makes me sad. There is just so much going on in RL right now…ugh. But I always have time for you!! How are you??

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that awkward moment when you’re too lazy to change all your blog shit

and you just have it open to edit and then you’re like


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#the master of the kanima is also the captain of the sterek ship,

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malwinchester replied to your post: i just really need mtv.com to have an app so i can finish teen wolf

Right there with ya, Paula. I’m almost caught up, too. Stupid Teen Wolf.

DUDE my internet is sooooo slow, i’m trying to watch it at work…and that’s a good time when your boss is secretly a ninja


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“Stiles actually may be the main hero of Teen Wolf”
- Jeff Davis, TV Guide (August, 2011)

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i just really need mtv.com to have an app so i can finish teen wolf

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Lucifer - Supernatural - Season 7 Episode 15